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With our partners on the ground across six continents  we search the world for the highest quality environmentally friendly fabrics, fibres, and textile innovations.  We strive to be able to make the finest materials available to our customers and clients first.  On our website, you can find our favourite and most popular materials listed, but every week we are reviewing and adding new materials, so never be afraid to ask what we have hidden behind the curtain.  If you are looking for something specific, which we do not have available, ask us to source it for you; we will mobilise our people to go out and find what you need and want.

Product Development

The world is changing, and we need to change with it.  Every single day, world class companies are pushing their R&D departments to mandate the new environmental, social, innovative, and cutting-edge standards for their products; and the companies who successfully execute these goals are being rewarded with a consumer base who is prepared to spend a higher price for a better value-aligned product.  Let us help you be one of the successful companies, the world is changing and we want to help you change with it.


We know everything that you and your company are going to need to know about the environmentally friendly and innovative future of textiles, fibres, and sustainable innovations.   We are experts in the facets of the product development lifecycle, and are prepared to provide knowledgable and in-depth consultation on topics ranging from initial concept development to final markets analysis and market entry of your product, and every step in between.  We are your guiding source for everything environmentally-friendly and cutting-edge, and are ready to help make your brand synonymous with the term 'sustainable innovation'.