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We are Textile Experts 


Double Espresso Textiles is an international trading firm, specialising in the scouting and sourcing of environmentally friendly and innovative textiles.

It is our job to be informed, knowledgable, and on the cutting edge of the textile industry.  


We search the world in pursuit of world class textiles, and reliable environmentally-friendly manufacturers and suppliers.  Once we have them, we don't let them go.


Good Questions Deserve Good Answers.  Everyday We are asked questions like: 

What makes my cotton "Organic"? Does the Certification Really Matter?

Is Vegan Leather Really Vegan? How is Vegan different from Organic?

OEKO TEX? PETA? GOTS? ORGANIC 100? What's the Difference?

Is the Manufacturer using Eco-Friendly Production Methods

We are prepared to answer these questions, and many more.  We are not only Textile Experts, We are Your source of information.

Our Process is Simple.  Trust Us To Get You Where You Want To Go.

The customer is always right.  Talk to us, Tell us what you need, and we will listen.

Count on Us to Ask You the right questions, so you can buy the right product.

Our Network stretches far and wide.  We will find what you need.

We have customer and suppliers located worldwide.  We work across all timezones.

Our job is to work for you.  The fabric you buy will be the fabric you want.