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Double Espresso


Our Mission

To Maximise Impact.  We want our clients and partners to have impact: organisational impact, sustainable impact, and revenue impact.  Impact is our measuring stick, and it is the metric which we feel counts the most; measuring your organisational growth, building your geographical distribution, accessing more markets and more customers, and creating a bigger financial bottom line.

Where We Begin

We begin at the Beginning.  Your Business Development, Product Development, and the Construction of your Supply Chains are the foundational components of your business.  Building your products, manufacturing your products, and selling your products are the three processes which make your business grow.  With every client, we begin at the beginning.

Think Different

Be Open-Minded. Double Espresso is collaborating with clients and partners across the textile industry; ranging from luxury to commodity, material science to traditional fibres.  Our industry-wide portfolio of experiences, relationships, knowledge, and insights allow us to approach our clients differently; not simply assuming what they are, but discovering what their potential is.

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