• Greg Horowitz

Portuguese Cork, Sustainably Stylish

Updated: Jan 12

Portugal may be known for its beautiful beaches, with sand as soft as silk, and its wonderful food, enlightening the senses with each individual bite, but did you know that Portugal is one of the sustainable fashion capitals in the world? Yes they are, and I can prove it with one word: Cork.

Did you know that cork trees are predominantly grown on the Iberian peninsula, with Spain and Portugal harvesting over 80% of the worlds cork? Cork trees are one of the most sustainable resources on earth, living for up to 200 years at a time. One cork tree can yield close to 100 pounds of cork bark, and be harvested every nine years. Studies show that the harvesting of cork bark does no damage or harm to the trees, and as the industry has continued to grow, so has the ability to protect and care for the trees.

Cork fabric is environmentally friendly, renewable, vegan, hypoallergenic, water resistant, and stain resistant, as well as showing an extreme longevity. Often used as a leather alternative, cork is considered a ‘true vegan leather’, being used for footwear, fashion apparel, handbags, interiors, home upholstery, furniture, and many other categories. The world is becoming a greener environmentally-friendly place, and that begins with their lifelong engagement with cork fabrics.

So the next time you are sitting on your favourite beach, or enjoying a cappuccino in your favourite cafe, take a look around view the wonderfully sustainable Portuguese sense of style; they wear cork and lots of it, so why shouldn’t you?