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No two customers are alike, and that is a fact.  Your individuality is key to our relationship.

We Source Your Textiles

We source the finest environmentally-friendly fabrics from around the world, building relationships with world class producers, manufacturers, and innovators.  Check out our 'Fabrics Page', and tell us what kinds of fabrics you are looking for; and if you don't see what you are looking for, tell us about it and we will find it.

We Scout Your Textiles

Do you want to be the first to know? The first to know which fabrics are new? Which fabrics are environmentally friendly? Which fabrics are innovative and inventive? Which fabrics are changing your industry?  Our Scouting Program keeps our clients informed, sampled, and connected.

We Consult on Your Textiles

Do you have questions? About your Fabrics? About your Products? About your Marketplace? Do you wonder which fabrics are hot and which fabrics are not? Do you wonder  which fabrics you should be using and which you shouldn't?  Do you ask these types of questions and more? We have your answers, and much more.