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We live in a time where sustainability has never been more important, innovation has never been more available, and opportunity knocks on your door every single day.  Turn on the Light.  

Numbers tell our story.  Around the world we are building relationships with production partners and collaborators, reviewing new textile innovations and material developments, collaborating with our customers and clients, and offering the first look access into the material marketplace that you expect of us.  Numbers never lie.


Our material portfolio includes over 50 collections of the worlds most cutting edge and sustainable material developments and textile innovations.


We are partnering with producers and collaborators, working with our customers and clients, and building supply chains across 15 countries.


We have over 25 hand-selected production partners located around the world.  Our partners share our vision of a cleaner & greener future.


We work a full day, operating across 13 time zones to  remain knowledgable, connected, and available across the material marketplace at all times.

We are your eyes and ears in the material marketplace.  We provide the international expertise that allows hard decisions to feel easy, difficult programs to operate smoothly, and imagined opportunities to become real.


We build custom developed solutions, specifically for you.  No two solutions are alike, as each one requires its own individual combination of materials and textiles, production partners and collaborators, marketplace expertise and insights.  Your solution doesn’t belong to anyone else, it is yours alone.

We get approached with a wide variety of different types of problems, different types of programs, different types of ambitions, and we strive to have the right solution for them all.  So far, so good.

Landfills are not a good solution to your waste problems.   Around the world we are building upcycling and recycling supply chains, identifying and collaborating with production partners who share our motivation to make landfills a crime of the past.

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Food Waste is no longer just wasted food.  We work with production partners who are leading the world in reinventing food waste into a wide range of applications including vegan leathers, upcycled textiles, textile dyeing solutions, energy fuel, and more.

Yesterdays fibres are todays opportunities.  Lets not discuss classic polyester when we can be talking about recycled polyester, biodegradable polyester, and bio-based polyester.  There are so many better polyesters out there.


Leathers are continuing to evolve  We are producing a new generation of upcycled, recycled, and bio-based vegan leather developments produced from apple waste, pineapple waste, corn, and a wide variety of other unique materials.

Your customers want to hear your eco-story.  Tell an eco-story you are proud of, and communicate it to your customers in a way they can appreciate.  Everyone has a story to tell, and we help you tell a sustainably exciting one.


Your story is still being written.  It is our job to help you write a story about sustainability and innovation, forward thinking material design and product development.  We want you to operate as a 21st century organisation, and we are here to help you do it.

Our mission is to give you the tools you need to achieve a high level of sustainability, innovation, and employ a forward-thinking approach across your supply chains.  The world is changing, and we are here to help you change with it, grow with it, and be the market-leader the world is waiting for.

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